domingo, 12 de abril de 2009

Percieving how unique we are

Everyone has a different way to perceive reality. People from different countries, usually have different cultures. So, for example... things like these can happen:

But... I think it's not only in different cultures that there is probably a different way of thinking. I mean, maybe we have the same culture as our neighbor, and no matter how close you think you are in likings, there is probably different tastes for wines, for movies, cars, and even the type of other genre's prototype of perfection. But we all know that, right?

But what I will try to prove, is the other: no matter how far we try to tell the differences that we have with rest, we just mention those things because we are inside screaming to be unique. And we are. The question is: how much?

We usually hear that we are not only one of a kind, but also unique and other things. Genetically, it's true. And everyone has different capabilities, so yes, we are all unique. But are we different and unique enough to be irreplaceable? Is the human race going to really miss one of us? I mean: we all know that people is going to miss us when we are gone, but will the human race miss our work and our achievements? Is your work and achievements THAT unique?

Are we really doing something that will stay in history, and the human race will benefit or not? Is your name going to be registered in at least a book of history? Have you ever made someone have the idea of the year?

It's probably only 0.001% that can answer YES to those questions. What about we, the rest? Are we really making this because we didn't have a choice? At what price we left behind those things? Are we really happy with the mediocre lives that we are having?

You can say that you help a lot of people, so you are trying to make this a better place. Well, it's a good start. But how are you helping them? Do you think that it's enough to help someone with a little money, some clothes, some food? What about giving them what's really important? EDUCATION that will help them get away of their situation. Food? Clothes? Money? Yes, they need that too. But it's like giving a small dose of penicillin to a man that's burning. But yes, you are such a good person for doing so.

And why should we be happy with helping only a couple of those who need help, if we can help many more of them? Why spend our lives working for a company, earning money, buying silly things, and pretending we are happy with our wives? We will be dust, and we will realize that we've done anything to improve this world.

Let the people who doesn't have the mind or the way to try to make this a better place, work just for earning enough to live. The ones who can make something different, should do so.

To finish: mediocre people just try to survive, and perhaps they are just keen enough to give away a couple of bucks for the ones who need help. There is another level, that works helping people, like nurses and medics, who are trying to help people as they can. And there is a higher level, that are the ones who investigate and research to make time after time a better way to improve the human's race way of living.
No matter how different you think you are of your neighbor, you have most of your life in common. Most of your life will be determined by the way you live and choose.

So... If we have the education, and our mind is up to the task... why?